Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Renewed Focus

This week, Holy Week, is a very contemplative week for me.  Not only reflecting on what Christ did for me but how I can live that out in all aspects of my life.  One of those aspects is motherhood.  Today I had to take an unplanned day off and my mind started going crazy thinking about all the things I could get done with this extra day off.  As I was planning my to-do list, I begun thinking that perhaps I should do something with the L's that they would enjoy doing. I normally would have been at work and my list wouldn't have gotten done anyways.  This lead me to think about how I spend my weekends with them.

I thought about the four days I have off every week with Lena and Levi and a typical day is usually dragging them through the grocery store or whatever errands I need to do or staying at home so I can clean or do yard work and every now and then throwing in a fun activity.  I am fortunate that Garth's days off align with some of mine so when he's not leading hikes or climbing mountains, we do have family time together.

But I realized I have wasted so many potential moments with the L's and starting today that was going to change.  I want them to have fun memories and not memories of mommy trying to get her to-do list done.

Since Lena is always asking if we can "take the Max train to daddy's airport?"  I decided that's what we would do today even though I knew it would take most of the day.  Lena was so excited when I told her!  The look on her face was priceless.  She talked non-stop the entire ride to the airport.  Levi stood on the seat looking out the window squealing and chattering.  I sat listening to them thankful for this time together making memories and time that I could give them my undivided attention. To top it off, Garth was able to take a break at the time we were there so we had quality time with daddy too.

From here on out, I want parts of my weekends focused completely on the L's with no distractions.  Whether it be a morning playing at home, finding new parks,exploring parts of our city, hiking or whatever; I want them to remember that they have my undivided attention and how important they are to me.

My house will always need to be cleaned, laundry will always need to be done but Lena and Levi will not be little forever.  

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